The DOF Rings Opening Bell at New York Stock Exchange

Roundtable Discussion on Disability Marketstock_exchange

In honor of the Roundtable meeting at the New York Stock Exchange, Nanci Freiman, co-founder and board member of The DOF and Mark Pinsky, President and CEO of Opportunity Finance Network, ring the opening bell.

The Roundtable Discussion “Housing Solutions for People with Disabilities,” was one of four roundtable discussions to date to determine the specific market needs, policy changes and funding opportunities for people with disabilities. A fifth is scheduled for Richmond Virginia on September 28, 2010. To register, CLICK HERE.

Sessions to date in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston determined the specific needs, policy changes and funding opportunities for developing affordable, accessible housing for people with disabilities.

These highly productive roundtable discussions gather representatives from banks, investment firms, Federal, State and local government agencies, service organizations, developers and the Federal Reserve Bank, and explore, often for the first time, the potential for CRA eligibility, new financial product development, the need for an increased supply in housing and how to better direct existing government funding for the disability market.