The DOF-St Mary’s CLCC

Providing choice where none existed

Medical advances and technology have allowed medically fragile young adults to have a longer life expectancy than was possible just a decade ago. As children, care may have been provided in home or community settings, but as adults, the acuity of this population is of such magnitude that the level of care is often provided in an institutional setting.

Today, a segment of this growing population can achieve health and developmental outcomes that previously seemed impossible. Without intervention, these young adults will eventually spend the rest of their lives in a skilled geriatric nursing facility unless an age-appropriate setting is created.

The Vision

The Continuing Life Care Community (CLCC) will provide the emerging, medically fragile young adult population the opportunity to live in the least restrictive campus-like setting, receive the necessary medical and rehabilitative care, socialization, education, and vocational training required to enhance their quality of life.

About St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children has been a pioneer in post-acute rehabilitation and medical care for medically fragile children for more than 140 years. Confronted with young adults “aging out” of its programs, St. Mary’s recognizes the demand and desperate need for a care setting that is capable of providing age-appropriate services to which these young adults are accustomed.

The Partnership

The DOF and St. Mary’s began their partnership in 2008 with the goal of bringing the CLCC from vision to reality. St. Mary’s expertise in the realm of medically fragile children combined with The DOF’s expertise in providing innovative financial solutions has brought much progress to date.